[Mono-list] Regression tests: we need contributors.

Philippe Lavoie philippe.lavoie@cactus.ca
Mon, 12 May 2003 10:27:26 -0400

A stupid suggestion follows

Perhaps ask people to provide unit tests before you commit their stuff =
to CVS? Exception would be changes which makes an existing unit test =

People sending code must have somehow tested their code first, right? =
Just push them along to the idea that they should test it with Nunit.

Some projects have those kinds of by-law. But perhaps, it's too much =
bureaucracy for the people contributing. Yet, I noticed that often =
changes to the XML serialization caused a lot of side effects. A better =
unit test suite would pick up on those side effects.=20

As the code base grows, you need the unit test suite too. People want =
fixes and new features not regression. Of course, that would be in an =
ideal world :)

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Hello everyone!

   Although our class libraries are moving along very quickly, we need=20
volunteers to help continue the development of class library unit tests.

   If you do this, you get to use the fancy Nunit-Gtk# tool, which is
really nice (Screenshot attached).  Notice how System.Text has only
tests for two classes!

   It is also the best way of learning C# and the .NET API