[Mono-list] AutoEventWireup causes error

Stuart Ballard stuart.ballard@corp.fast.net
Fri, 09 May 2003 16:46:50 -0400

I'm using XSP 0.4 with Mono 0.24.

Setting AutoEventWireup="False" (or presumably anything else) in a 
<%@Page%> or <%@Control%> directive causes an error along the lines of:

ASP.AdminHeader_ascx.AutoEventWireup' no suitable properties found to 

I don't actually take advantage of this property but Visual Studio has 
caused it to be inserted by default in every single aspx and ascx file 
in my solution. So I don't particularly need any support for its 
functionality, but I do need it not to cause an error :)

(the generated code seems to be bogus beyond just the fact that the 
method doesn't exist in the parent class: the property is declared as 
int but the body of the method says "return false" in my case).

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