[Mono-list] Which postgres client library?

Stuart Ballard stuart.ballard@corp.fast.net
Thu, 08 May 2003 12:09:40 -0400

yoros@wanadoo.es wrote:
> I've been using Npgsql and it is working pretty good. With that words he
> means that it is not full-implemented and it is not tested to work in
> all ways. I have a few table access (select, insert, update) and it
> works right for me.

Are you using query parameters at all? I ask because as far as I can 
tell they're completely botched in the release that comes with Mono 
0.24. Here's an excerpt from the Npgsql log file that I turned on (kudos 
to the Npgsql developers for that awesome feature!)

--- Begin log excerpt ---
05/08/2003 11:56:45  3199  Debug  Query sent: insert into 
"core_compass_site" ("name", "title", "description", "keywords", 
"show_module_titles", "current_revision_id", "pending_revision_id") 
values (TestSite, A test site, , , False, 0, 0)
--- End log excerpt ---

Clearly, the bit after "values (" isn't *remotely* valid SQL. The SQL 
string I specified had "values (:name, :title, :description, " etc, and 
then I bound those parameters to the values "TestSite", "A test site", 
DBNull.Value, etc. Obviously those should at LEAST be quoted before 
sending them to the server, or better yet, not sent in the literal 
string at all, but actually transmitted as parameters.

It clearly *is* sending it as a literal string, because the next thing 
that happens is an error along the lines of "parse error near 'test'".

The Npgsql webpage 
(http://gborg.postgresql.org/project/npgsql/projdisplay.php) seems to 
suggest that parameters are working okay (look in the right-hand 
column), but the behavior I'm seeing is nowhere near okay - is Mono 
shipping an old version by any chance?

Anyone know if Mono.Data.PostgreSqlClient works any better, and whether 
there's any docs on it anywhere?


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