[Mono-list] Problems building mini from mono-0.24

Mark Gimelfarb mark@dawebber.com
Thu, 8 May 2003 11:20:15 -0400

Hello, all!
    I tried building mono-0.24 release from source on Mandrake 7.2 with glibc-
2.1.3, pkgconfig-0.15 and glib-2.0.6. I had no problems building 0.23, but with 
0.24 I get the following error while compiling mini-x86 in "mini":
In file included from mini-x86.c:18:
cpu-pentium.h:3: parse error before `1'
I have looked through cpu-pentium.h and cpu-pentium.md and found no offending 
characters of any kind. 
I made no changes to the original Makefiles or anything else. Even when I got 
the latest version of cpu-pentium.md from CVS, the result is the same.

Is there anything I have overlooked?