[Mono-list] Making a ruby.net compiler

Alan Knowles alan@akbkhome.com
Thu, 08 May 2003 20:20:57 +0800

have a look through

http://devel.akbkhome.com/talks/phpdotnet/index.html (it's a talk I was 
supposed to give in amsterdam this week.. but got canceled..)
There are a few little mistakes, and I've missed a few links, but if you 
google on some of the topics mentioned you will get a good idea of the 
issues. the kawa and python.net papers are   interesting..

Although I've got no time at present to go much further with it, and 
there is another phpsharp compiler being worked on in italy (using C# 
AFAIK), I think looking closer at parrot as a target CIL may be more 
relevant. although you 'can' map a dynamicly typed language into .NET, 
it's a bit closer to a square peg in  a round hole..


sho tamashii wrote:

> I have a couple of questions. How do I go about making a compiler for 
> a language, specifically the Ruby Programming Language? This Language 
> has Dynamic Typing and other high level features. How would I go about 
> implementing this? Do you have any documentation or compilers that I 
> can look at to get a good idea of how to start? If I make the ruby 
> compiler or what ever it will be, do I have to do anything extra to 
> allow Ahead of time compilling.
> Thank you
> Jason Brock
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> <http://www.sf.net/projects/sake-complier>
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