[Mono-list] RE: [Mono-announce-list] Mono 0.24:

Cherukuru cherukuru@lycos.co.uk
Thu, 8 May 2003 08:53:35 +0100

Hi All,

I'm using Mono for the first time and I started with Version mono-0.24 which
was released new yesterday.

I downloaded all the source package available for 0.24 version first.

I also downloaded the latest glib-2.0.7 version.

I also downloaded the latest pkg-config version 0.15.0

I un-tarred all the files into /usr/local.

I first installed gc6.1, followed by that, i installed pkg-config-0.15.0,
followed by that, i installed glib-2.0.7 and then

I installed the mono-0.24

and did the same configure like for the above packages, i.e

./configure --prefix=/usr/local

and then make and make install.

I got the mono installed successfully.

I thought I'll also recompile the runtime and the compiler for my Suse-Linux
7.3 version,

so I continued as said in the download page to configure the mcs-0.24, as
said above, it was also

un-tarred into /usr/local

and i used the same configure command as given above, it did work out for me
as it did not like the

some flag in the gc.

So, I thought, let me work with the default runtime and compiler created by
the installation of mono-0.24 itself, rather than recompiling one specific
for my system,

[I did all the above steps as a root user]

[Now I've changed to myusername, i.e an ordinary user]

so, I went on and copied the example Hello.cs file into my home directory

tried to run the command,

mcs Hello.cs

I got the following error:-

/usr/local/bin/mono: error while loading shared libraries:
/usr/local/lib/libmono.so.0: undefined symbol: GC_pthread_create

Please direct me as where did i go wrong, and is there some other things

As a matter of fact, when i tried to recompile mcs it failed as i said
earlier, also it failed for monodocs installation when i tried to run the
./configure command and also it failed for mono-debugger with the
./configure command, interestingly, it all failed with the same ERROR like
the above one.

Thanks for any help. Your help is very much appreciated.


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