[Mono-list] Problem with the windows installer

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier gonzalo@ximian.com
07 May 2003 07:35:36 +0200

Ridge, sdodson, nickd and me had some troubles after installing the
latest mono on windows using the installer (corlib not found, cannot
open mcs.exe assembly...). The fixes:

      * edit monobasepath.bat in your C:\windows or c:\winnt directory
        (sorry, folder ;) and remove all the quotes (yeah, believe me,
        do it)
      * edit mono.bat in the same directory and change the line that
        sets the path to be like:

                set PATH=%MONO_PATH%;%PATH%
        (May be this step is not strictly necessary)

      * (Surprise!) Now there are a few .EXE files that are installed in
        YOURINSTALLDIR\lib!!! Move those to the 'bin' directory and
        enjoy the latest and greatest mono.