[Mono-list] Help me understand this code...

Maurizio Colucci seguso.forever@tin.it
Wed, 7 May 2003 01:09:17 +0200

On Monday 05 May 2003 22:18, you wrote:

Hi again Alexandre,

I'm back, and I need some advice. :-P

> Sorry, look like I was too late to answer.

Not at all! Sorry if I looked rude.

> I will try to help if you have more questions.
> The idea behind implementation_ is to be able
> to implement System.Drawing using different
> engines ( Win32/GTK/etc.)

As far as I understand, System.Drawing.Bitmap does not need a
rendering engine. This class only offers methods to work with the
pixels, but not to render them.


I was trying to figure out how to write the constructor:


This constructor should be able to open many kinds of file
formats. Say I want to begin with png support. How would you parse the
contenct of the png file? Can I p/invoke libpng?

Sorry if it doesn't make sense... I am just a newbie.

> Probably you found the Factories.cs.
> This should be the place where we can decide,
> which implementation we want to use.

In the case of Bitmap, why would you have multiple implementations?