[Mono-list] NAnt and NUnit with Mono and Linux

Olivier Gaumond ogaumond@yahoo.com
Tue, 6 May 2003 14:29:25 -0400 (EDT)

Is there documentation on building and using NUnit and NAnt with Linux and
Mono.  I found a lot of messages on the mailing lists about problems
encountered but no pointers to good documentation.  I guess these tools are not
100% compatible with Mono/Linux but I can't even build those included in the
mono source code.

I installed the source RPM mono-0.23-1.src.rpm and I'm on RedHat 9.0

I have libgc-6.1-1.i386.rpm and mono-0.23-1.i386.rpm installed.

When I use the NAnt.exe located in mcs-0.23/nant/src/ to try to build a simple
project I get the following message

System.ArgumentException: Empty path not allowed
in <0x000a8> 00 System.IO.StreamReader:.ctor
in <0x0002a> 00 System.IO.StreamReader:.ctor (string)
in <0x0009a> 00 System.Xml.XmlTextReader:.ctor (string,System.Xml.XmlNameTable)
in <0x0008f> 00 System.Xml.XmlTextReader:.ctor (string)
in <0x000bc> 00 SourceForge.NAnt.XPathTextPositionMap:.ctor (string)
in <0x0033a> 00 SourceForge.NAnt.Project:Initialize (System.Xml.XmlDocument)
in <0x00299> 00 SourceForge.NAnt.Project:Run ()
Try `NAnt -help' for more information.

Also, any documentation on building NUnit and running the Mono test suite would
be apreciated.


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