[Mono-list] Gtk# & Mono CVS Required Libs

Ian MacLean ianm@activestate.com
Sun, 04 May 2003 13:25:54 +0900

fd wrote:

>>Additionally, any hints as to the distro of choice for development on
>>these two things right now (I know it doesn't actually matter, but a
>>distro that's got lib packages available for easy install would
>>certainly make my life easier!) I'm assuming debian-unstable, but...
Gentoo is working well for me. They seem to get ebuilds of required 
libraries very quickly. They also have mono 0.23 and gtksharp ebuilds.


> Many Mono developers use Debian unstable. It has the advantage of coming
> with the latest versions of the libraries Mono and Gtk# depend on, with
> an active package development community. There are debs of Mono, Gtk#
> and other related tools at http://www.atoker.com/mono/
> Others also use RedHat. There are RPMs provided on go-mono.com.
> As a rule of thumb, use what your friends use so you can get the best
> support :-)
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