[Mono-list] Some questions about shared assemlies, strong names...

Luis Fernandez luifer@onetel.net.uk
Sat, 3 May 2003 17:42:35 +0100


> > Does mono support the notion of shared assembly ,strong name, Global
> > Assembly cache (GAC)?
> We currently can produce assemblies that can be signed using the MS
> tools (there is not enough documentation available to do the signing
> ourselves, yet).
> In mono there is something quite close to the GAC: you can specify a
> set of paths to directories where assemblies will be looked for
> (MONO_PATH). The assemblies in MONO_PATH are effectively shared.
> We currently don't enforce the strong names. Basically mono
> supports the part of the GAC that is useful;-)

What do you mean by your statement that mono supports only the part of GAC
that is usefull? So you think that the ability to transparently install
assemblies without having to worry about conflicts with other assemblies a
la DLL "hell" is not usefull?

Sorry, but I don't agree that deploying an asembly in the MONO_PATH comes
even close to what the GAC offers, even though that could be a quick fix
until something similar is developed for mono, which at the current level of
development I'm sure it will not take long. :)

Thanks for all the work on this exciting project ( that goes also to all
mono developers ;)
Good work!