[Mono-list] AnonCVS Access

Arild Fines arild.fines@broadpark.no
Fri, 2 May 2003 23:15:14 +0200

mono-list-admin@lists.ximian.com wrote:
> I really hope this doesn't have a trivial answer, but what is the
> password to the Anon CVS?  It asks for one, and I tried several
> seemingly obvious possibilities such as a blank line but still
>   nothing. Here is my term window output:
> [sumera:~] csmith% cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@anoncvs.go-mono.com:/mono
> login(Logging in to anonymous@anoncvs.go-mono.com)
> CVS password:
> [sumera:~] csmith% cvs -z3 gtk-sharp
> CVS commands are:
> ...

Should be a 'co' or 'checkout' somewhere in that line.