[Mono-list] Problems when compiling Mono

Giuseppe Greco giuseppe.greco@agamura.com
02 May 2003 10:31:53 +0200

Hi Gonzalo,

I'm trying to compile the latest version of Mono on
my RedHat 8.0 box. I've got mono and mcs from CVS, I've
downloaded the latest monocharge tarball, and I've
followed the build instruction contained in README.build.

When running mono/doc/mono-build.sh, I always get the
following error message:

cannot stat `./cilc.exe': No such file or directory

Well, could you tell me where can I find this file?

I used to work with the Mono distribution available
via Red Carpet, but since I've to recompile the latest
version of NAnt on Linux, I absolutely need the very last
version of Mono...

Could you help me?

Thank you very much,

Giuseppe Greco


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