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John BouAntoun John.BouAntoun@rogen.com.au
Fri, 2 May 2003 08:34:15 +1000

I don't think the default install of MSSQL server sets it up to allow =
authenticated access. I'm pretty sure it sets up default to using =
trusted connections.

Just my 2 cents


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By the way, Mono's System.Data.SqlClient does not support trusted
connections aka integrated security.  When connecting to a Microsoft SQL
Server, you must specify User ID and Password.

Here is an example connection string:
"Server=3DMYSERVER;Database=3Dmydb;User ID=3Dmyuser;Password=3Dmypass"

You would set it like:

string constr =3D
	"Server=3DMYSERVER;" +
	"Database=3Dmydb;" +
	"User ID=3Dmyuser;" +
IDbConnection dbcon;

// create your connection object somehow
// this is just an example
dbcon =3D (IDbConnection) System.Data.SqlConnection();

dbcon.ConnectionString =3D constr;


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El jue, 01 de 05 de 2003 a las 02:51, Jones, Larry escribi=F3:
> I got a test MS Sql access going in an ASP.NET (.aspx) page by doing
> response.writes.  But when I tried to DataBind it to a DataList or
> it would fail or hang.  I could run the exact same program on a IIS =
> Server with the same Sql Data base accessed and it runs fine.  So
> is wrong with the .aspx DataBinding.

No. Mono's ASP.NET databinding is fine.

May be you have a problem with the connection to the DB not being
established or stuff like that.


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