[Mono-list] Downloading Mono

Angel "Java" Lopez webmaster@ajlopez.com
Thu, 1 May 2003 16:06:44 -0300

Hi people!

I can't download the source code files from:


I tried the last week, and today, from two differente machines. Using IE 6,
W2000, the download of:


never ends..... ??? I can't download the version 22, or other files, except
the binaries for Windows..... the same reason: the browser say "7.80 M from
7.80 M)".... and then "7.90 M from 7.90 M".... and then "13.80M from 13.80M"
... ??

And, if the download ends, the file is bad....


Angel "Java" Lopez (me Tarzan.... :-)