[Mono-list] J2EE/.NET/WDNA De-mystified

Joshua Prismon josh@prismon.com
Sat, 29 Mar 2003 14:04:07 -0700

The Windows-world equivilant is known as "Windows DNA" (Windows
Internet Applications Architecture). It offers the same concept
without the openness. That is, XYZ Corp can buy a WDNA application and
install it on their existing WDNA environment. The trick is that there
is only one WDNA environment, and it comes from Microsoft. Here is a=20
component for component comparison:
Windows DNA is being completely replaced by .NET/ServicedComponents and =
services. In the end, the new Microsoft GXA takes it's place (GXA is =
web services and EnterpriseServices on top of XML with WS-Transactions,
Security, Identity and Reliable Messaging).=20

  C#/.NET handles the transaction part of this with MTS. The gap is
  the binding of a component to the transaction services.
That's not completely true. If you don't use cross process .NET, MTS is
never used. If you do distributed transactions cross multiple processes =
oracle/et all) then you do use MTS or a BYOT manager. To bind a =
component to
be transactional, you simply derive from ServicedComponent and throw a
[Transaction] Attribute in front of your class. If you want, you can =
even be
lazy about it and tell it to interpret a lack of exception as a vote for =
transaction (using a 2 phased commit).

  Microsoft has "Microsoft Message Queueing". I don't know how this
MMQ but there is also something called loosely coupled events which does =
require MMQ.