[Mono-list] Mono quotes from a Sun evangelist

Jason Whittington jasonw@develop.com
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 12:00:28 -0000

> > Has there been interest in creating a J2EE style architecture for
> > C#/.NET?  We can make it "better" because we can make the beans self
> > describing using attributes.  No need for XML descriptors :D.
> >
> This is what System.EnterpriseServices does.

Not really.  System.EnterpriseServices is basically a band-aid on top of
COM+.  The only reason it exists is that MS ran out of time and chose to
ship .NET without a new distributed Tx architecture.  Of all the things
in .NET System.EnterpriseServices probably has the shortest future ahead
of it - I can't see Mono really meaningfully implementing it as
ServicedComponent and friends are conceptually tied so closely to