[Mono-list] Mono and MAC OS X?

Joe Shaw joe@ximian.com
25 Mar 2003 14:47:47 -0500

On Tue, 2003-03-25 at 11:08, Paolo Molaro wrote:
> *) dllimport: we currently use GModule and the code in glib doesn't
> handle shared libraries. Someone should investigate about using dlopen
> in GModule or adding a wrapper in mono

The main problem here is that mono takes for granted heavily that in ELF
shared libraries and loadable modules are the same thing.  In Mach-O
this isn't the case, so you can't simply call dlopen() on a shared
library (-shared passed to the linker).  The module has to be built with

Also, on OS X the dlopen() calls are compatibility wrappers around the
native dyld implementation, so using that instead of the dyld
implementation in glib2 won't help.

I'm not totally sure how to get around these issues when opening
something like the gtk shared libraries as "modules" for gtk#, but I am
hardly a Mach-O expert... these are just observations I have from using
OS X for a few months and trying to build various software on it.