[Mono-list] Mono and MAC OS X?

Andy Satori dru@satori-assoc.com
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 14:13:26 -0500

I have a working mono install from 0.23.

Here are the issues that I'm aware of.

If you used fink for your glib, you probably will get an error about the
us_EN language and a failure to convert UTF-8 (assuming a us_EN system,
something that probably isn't a safe assumption, but hey, I'm an American
and everyone knows that we have no concept of internationalization, can you
say 'ZIP CODE'?)

You can run limited things using mono, however you will see errors,
especially if you install the Boehm garabage collection.

If you have compiled it with libgc, you will get a 'bus error'.

Further, code generated by mcs on OS X will not run on other platforms.  So,
at this point, it's still incomplete.

I believe after my basic analysis that the many of the problems all share a
common root in the fink glib.  I've been looking at glib and the OS X
patches to see what problems may exist there.  Once that problem is solved,
I think the next step will be to begin debugging the libgc problems, to
bring parity to the build environments between Cygwin, Linux, and OS X.
Then we can talk about debugging mcs, mono and mint to bring them to proper
parity with the x86 implementations.


On 3/25/03 1:48 PM, "Paolo Molaro" <lupus@ximian.com> pounded the keyboard
to produce:

> On 03/25/03 Urs Muff wrote:
>> The current mint is not working at all on Mac OS X [at least for me].  All I
> It works for me. Have you tried compiling without GC support?
>> get is 100% CPU and that's the end of it, whatever I do, even trying to run
>> the simplest possible hello world pre-compiled assembly.  --> It's kind of
>> hard to help if not even that works.  Where to start?  What is the state of
> You could start from a debugger...
>> the union [interpreter/runtime]?  What environment is used to debug
>> [CodeWarrior/Project Builder]? --> since the environment will greatly
>> improve the possibility to track down crashes, and other hard bugs.  [mint
> You can use the environment that suits you best.
>> does not look in great shape in any platform, I found problems [not being
>> able to use with mcs for example] on windows, and linux with mint].
> If you find a bug, file a bug report with a test case. Last time I
> checked mint bootstrapped both mcs and corlib on linux/x86 (yes, it's slow).
>> Does anyone have a 'working' environment at all on Mac OS X?  If so, are you
>> willing to share, so that we all can help.
> I use the code from cvs, though the latest release should work as well.
> I don't link to libgc since when I tried a few months ago that got me a
> linker error that I haven't had the time to investigate.
> lupus