[Mono-list] Mono and MAC OS X?

Urs Muff umuff@quark.com
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 10:18:14 -0700

The current mint is not working at all on Mac OS X [at least for me].  All I
get is 100% CPU and that's the end of it, whatever I do, even trying to run
the simplest possible hello world pre-compiled assembly.  --> It's kind of
hard to help if not even that works.  Where to start?  What is the state of
the union [interpreter/runtime]?  What environment is used to debug
[CodeWarrior/Project Builder]? --> since the environment will greatly
improve the possibility to track down crashes, and other hard bugs.  [mint
does not look in great shape in any platform, I found problems [not being
able to use with mcs for example] on windows, and linux with mint].

Does anyone have a 'working' environment at all on Mac OS X?  If so, are you
willing to share, so that we all can help.

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> On 03/25/03 Urs Muff wrote:
> > Is the 'new' JIT in CVS [since I was under the impression that it was
> not],
> > and if it is, is it in a state to do basic things on the Mac OS X?
> The new JIT is not yet in the public cvs, the plan is to publish it
> in a few days. Basic things work on MacOSX with the new jit, but
> this doen't mean it's the same basic things that you're looking for:-)
> People that want to help with the macosx port don't need to wait for the
> port, though, there is plenty of things to do that no one has stepped up
> to do (or contribute), yet:
> *) io-layer/atomic.h: ppc asm version of the functions there
> *) dllimport: we currently use GModule and the code in glib doesn't
> handle shared libraries. Someone should investigate about using dlopen
> in GModule or adding a wrapper in mono
> *) there are reports of issues when linking libgc: using
> the jit runtime instead of the interp runtime is not going to make
> it easier to debug this issue
> *) running mcs sometimes results in an illegal instruction trap: again,
> debugging this issue won't be easier with the jit
> So, if you want to help, there are plenty of things that need you.
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