[Mono-list] Windows.Forms and can I help?

Alexandre Pigolkine pigolkine@gmx.de
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 10:41:48 +0100


You need to install Wine in order to run System.Windows.Forms
There are few additional steps required:
- compile/install Wine version of GC
- compile monostub and monowinehooks ( from the CVS)
- provide Mono with mapping from *.dll to *.so files or create links to
  several Wine libraries.

More detailed info was posted to mono-winforms-list:


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I'm a developer starting to get intressted in C# and
.NET framework.
I'v downloaded the mono package via red-carpet and
began to write my first sample.
When I tryed to inherit from System.Windows.Forms and
compiled with /r:System.dll,System.Drawing.dll,System.Windows.Forms.dll
all went well, but when I tryed to run the exe file
with mint or mono it complained about libuser32

Do you have a solution for this?

Second, I have some spare time which I would like to
dedicate to Mono, is there something I can help you
guys with, and how?

Best regards