[Mono-list] System.Web.Mail updated

Per Arneng pt99par@student.bth.se
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 17:57:53 +0100

Hi Monolith's!

Could not get nunit to work so i made a quick hack which just runs my tes=
methods and then i just compare the output to find any diffs. This is jus=
temporary since i count on getting my tests to work with nunit2 in the ne=
future. Progress is a little slow now since im working alot on my master=20
thesis but there is progress ;).

I have made some updates on default values and fixed some differences so =
the API's work almost( 93.54% ;-) ) the same. I will need to implement a=20
quoted-printable encoder for attachments and for some message properties.=
have noticed that .NET sdk has some automagic mechanism for sensing what=20
encoding to use on some header fields like To,From and Cc.  These fields =
only encoded if they contain non 7-bit ASCII chars and the chosen encodin=
g is=20
based upon how many non ASCII characters are present.

=09* quoted-printable encoder (attachments,some header fields)
=09* Bcc ( addresses just added in  rcpt-to  but not in headers)

Tips and bug reports are allways welcome!

Best regards
=09Per Arneng