[Mono-list] Can I use mono for Mandrake 8.2 for Mandrake 9.0

draekko draekko@drakonis.dyndns.org
21 Mar 2003 06:17:50 -0500

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On Thu, 2003-03-20 at 23:55, Patrick Yong wrote:
> I can't find any distribution for Mandrake 9 in the download page. Can
> I install the 8.2 instead?
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You could just use the src rpms and install that on mdk 9. Something
like :

rpm --rebuild libgc-6.1-1.src.rpm
rpm --rebuild mono-0.23-1.src.rpm

Note you may have to add --nodeps when doing the mono SRPMs if you
installed libgc from sources instead of an RPM package and you should
find the appropriate rpms in /usr/src/RPM/RPMS/i586 on mdk 9. Also of
note on newer versions of rpm, to rebuild from sources you to do
rpmbuild --rebuild instead.

I have updated the RPMs to 0.23 for mdk 9 at
http://www.angelfire.com/linux/csharp/ and the mc version listed is
already patched to do syntax highlighting in mcedit (v4.6.0).

As for using mdk 8.2 rpms on 9.0 i guess it would be possible :)

draekko <draekko@drakonis.dyndns.org>

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