[Mono-list] Re: UTF7Encoding, not working correctly ?

Timothy Parez tpsoftware@users.sourceforge.net
19 Mar 2003 10:25:26 +0100


I just noticed that while on Windows the out-dotnet.xml file
is perfectly readable it does not seem to be that way in Linux.

So in Windows only the out-dotnet.xml file is readable,
while in Linux none of the two files seems to be readable.

With readable meaning to the human eye, of course the system can open
the files.

Now I have no idea what this means or is this information is even
usefull :)


Op wo 19-03-2003, om 03:55 schreef ginga@kit.hi-ho.ne.jp:
> Hello,
> > I'm creating a class library which I want to use with both the .NET and
> > Mono runtime. Now when I run the current version (development version),
> > with the .NET runtime everything works fine, the application gets some
> > data from a game server and returns UTF7 encoded XML. However if I run
> > the same test using the mono framework on Windows or Linux the XML is
> > completely messed up.
> It may be Encoding problem or XML problem (it checks xml declaration,
> while actual encoding is indeterminant). Yould you please
> (1)check the given utf-7 stream is readable with other classes e.g.
> StreamReader and (2)post such xml you checked or mail me if it is
> not small?  I tried 200kb or more utf-7-ed Japanese text xml on
> Windows and got correct result (nunit tests with mscorlib).
> Thanks,
>   Atsushi Eno