[Mono-list] Remoting CORBA support

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
16 Mar 2003 22:14:53 -0500


> I do plan to incorporate server-side support once I get some of the more
> basic issues resolved.  I am reluctant to add server-side support until I
> take steps to make Remoting.Corba more robust in the face of buggy or
> malicious CORBA clients.

Very nice to hear.

> Regarding the connection-reuse issue: can you be more specific about how
> Gnome "authenticates bits based on the connection"?  Does this mechanism use
> standard CORBA mechanisms, or is it something proprietary to Gnome?

My mistake.  Michael said that the connection was used to provide
lifetime services as opposed to be related to authentication.  In Gnome
1.x we used a profile to encode a shared secret in the IIOP request to
get security working, am not sure how this works in the new version of