[Mono-list] AW: [Mono-list] Glade# ¿More Documentation?

Pablo Fischer exilion@yifan.net
16 Mar 2003 16:24:31 +0600


Thanks for your answer, now with that answer I can continue. Also helps
me to look the code of monodoc/gsirc/platano and get some ideas of how
can I do what I want.

El lun, 17 de 03 de 2003 a las 04:14, Johannes Roith escribió:
> | 1. Where could I found more documentation of glade#?.. like GetText
> (of
> | textfields or textareas)?. Cause the docs that I have found are of a
> | very basic level (just how to call the glade files).
> Hmm. That is not really in glade#.
> All Widgets, that have the [Glade.Widget] Attribute are accessible just
> like normal gtk+ Widgets.
> You'll most likely want to have some Gtk+ docs.
> Johannes
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