[Mono-list] Process.Start patch

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier gonzalo@ximian.com
13 Mar 2003 20:25:49 +0100

El vie, 28 de 02 de 2003 a las 00:36, Jerome Laban escribió:
> Hi there,
>     Here is a fix for the overloads of
> System.Diagnostics.Process.Start, the method CreateProcess in
> processes.c was not checking for the executable validity when called
> with a absolute path. There were also two uninitialized variables that
> now are set to NULL. (would have lead to multiple frees in this
> context)
> Could someone commit it if ok ?
> An other thing, a null reference should not be sent when the
> executable is not found. How should this be addressed ?

Your patch is in CVS along with some more code to make it throw a
Win32Exception when the executable is not found, which is what MS does.