[Mono-list] Possible Mono developement

Eric Willis ewillis1@hotmail.com
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 13:40:40 -0500


After some initial discussion with Miguel de Icaza in regards to Mono, I 
want to discuss with you what I'm developing. First I'm going to paste a few 
clips from our correspondence, then I will give a little more details to the 
solutions I'm working.

Miguel wrote:
>>We are working with a few users to make sure that Mono is commercially
viable for their particular use.  We develop a contractual agreement,
and we make sure that those components that the users require are in

Miguel wrote:

A full replacement for .NET is hard, but particular components like
ASP.NET and ADO.NET do exist today.  If you are interested in having
your product work flawlessly on Mono, you could hire Ximian to have
those components that you need developed to the point of production use.

What type of associated costs(rough price range) would that entail? I'm 
trying to keep a tight handle on costs, which is one of the reason I'm 
turning to mono is the first place.

I wrote:
>I would love to develop my applications using Mono. I have had the thoughts 
>on my mind. It would allow me to take advantage of Linux and be a little 
>less dependent on Microsoft technologies (If I understand Mono correctly). 
>I know that if were possible to run my data center using linux, I could 
>pass a tremendous savings over to my customers.

Yes, that is one of the ideas.  Would you mind talking about these
things with a Ximian representative that is exploring the market for
Mono-related products?

I am in the process of developing a host of business applications to be 
delivered over the web on a subscription basis..in particular an ERP,supply 
chain management, and CRM to name a few of the projects. I have done all my 
initial work and was just going to begin the development in .net ;however, I 
kept having second thoughts about using .net becuase I didn't want to get 
locked in to MS. products. I do understand the technical merits of .net over 
j2ee, but at the same time, I didn't want to lock myself out of being able 
to consider running linux and using other open source software. Mono would 
seem to solve that problem for me. This really excites me.

I read an article about Mono several months ago, but I didn't know how far 
along you had come with the project. Then I began doing more reading and 
realized that you have come a long way since I read that article. It seems 
as though I could develop and deploy in Mono.

Please understand that I am no developer, but I do have a team of over 30 
developers working on my projects. I would like to get them in contact with 
some people from Ximian so that they can address some of their questions.

I would also like to discuss the viability of moving forward with Mono. I'm 
going to fly to Boston to meet with Miguel over the next couple of weeks 
also. I'm very excited about the prospects of developing my projects in 

I also wanted to attach something else Miguel wrote:

>>Today Mono lacks development tools, but we would run applications that
were developed with Microsoft Windows.  So you can use Visual
Studio.NET, and deploy with Mono. >>

I passed this on to my developers. If I understand correctly, they can using 
Visual Studio and still be 100 percent Mono. Again, I don't have technical 
expertise in development as I am not a developer. I just want to make sure I 
understand this correctly.

Also, is there someone I could call to discuss some other issues I have?

Best Regards,

Eric Willis

Eric Willis
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