[Mono-list] XSP under Win32

Rubén Gutierrez rubeng@tectimes.com
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 14:11:47 -0700


After several attempts (with different versions of mono), I finally
managed to run the xsp 3.0 server under WinXP Pro, with Mono 0.23.
It always compiled without errors but I haven't been able to run it
correctly before. Now, with this version (xsp 3.0 and mono 0.23) it
looked like it was working fine, BUT, it still couldn't compile any
files. It seems that the server was looking for mcs.bat,
monobasepath.bat and some other files, but it failed to find them.
Those files where in my Windows directory, which obviously is in the
PATH, so I thought maybe it was looking for those files in the same
directory I was running the server from, so I ran the server from the
Windows folder, and used the --root parameter to specify the root
directory, but still it was failing.
Then, I found out the server (or the runtime or whatever) was looking
for those bat files in the root folder. It didn't matter whether those
files were in the PATH or not, it was looking for those files in the
root folder, so I copied those files to the root directory and it worked
Now, my question is, is there something I can change "somewhere", to
make it not necesary to have those bats in the root directory?

BTW, the server was algo looking for machine.config in
C:\mono-0.23\etc\mono\mono\ instead of C:\mono-0.23\etc\mono\
So I had to create that folder (the new \mono) and copy the file in

Cheers and keep up the good work!
Ruben Gutierrez
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