[Mono-list] mono-win-installer

Daniel Morgan danmorg@sc.rr.com
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 09:49:39 -0500

The installer exe is the setup.

Now, you can go to the MS DOS prompt, and type:

C:\> mono.bat


C:\> mcs.bat

If you have cygwin installed, you could do:

$ mono.exe.sh


$ mcs.bat

If this does not work, try setting your user PATH environment variable in
the system control panel. For instance:


Mono is the Mono CLR virtual machine which .net programs must be run on:

C:\> mono.bat hello.exe

Mcs is the Mono C# compiler:

C:\> mcs.bat hello.cs

If you need to reference an assembly like System.Data.dll, then you would

C:\> mcs.bat hello.cs /r:System.Data.dll

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I've installed the "mono windows installer" in c:\monoblabla\install

now how can i install mono now?

(there is not any install/setup....)

thx in advance

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