[Mono-list] mod_mono and user dirs

Eran Sandler Eran.Sandler@smarteam.com
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 12:31:44 +0200

Hi Daniel,

MS doesn't handle such a thing because it doesn't really exists by

ASP.NET running on IIS 5 (or IIS 6 in IIS 5 compatibility mode) has only
ONE host for ALL applications running that certain server.

In IIS 6 a new term was introduced, a web garden. A web garden is an
application host that hosts several applications on the same process.
It is also possible (of course) to create several web gardens.

So as I see it we have the following options:

- Update the application host to receive as a parameter several paths.
Each path represents an application. This means that every user path
will be manually enter to the config. This is also useful for applying a
web garden concept in mod_mono.

- Add a parameter to the application host that will recognize a pattern
that will be interpreted as a user home directory. By default it can be
paths with a "~" sign, but it can also be any kind of pattern (for
example a path named home_username). Perhaps it will be useful to allow
adding some kind of a loadable filter that will be able to hold this
logic. This will allow a nicer approach in windows so we can have a
source path (equivalent to /home/) and underneath it a filter that will
process the received user home directory name and convert it to the
physical path according to some kind of a logic.

So we will have s path that looks like this:
http://myserver/mono/~username/ or perhaps it will even look like this:

- Write a user pages application host which specifically works for user
home directories.

In this case the IIS 6 web garden model seems like a logical choice and
although there is currently no support for something like user pages,
perhaps it will be best to combine the 2 first suggestions I have made
so we will support a similar concept of web garden while still being
able to serve user pages.

What do you think about it?


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Miguel suggested to allow individual users to be able to run their
own .aspx pages from their home directories.
In Apache, you can use the UserDir configuration directive to tell the
server that when=20
http://www.example.com/~userfoo/index.aspx is requested, it should

But in ASP.NET, all requests go thru an ApplicationHost, that has a
path and a physical path, which are different for each user. I have
of the following implementation possibilities:
- Detect that a user directory is being requested and create an
host on the fly for that user
- Create an ApplicationHost that is shared by all users, but modify
HttpWorkerRequest so when the translated path is requested, it will
the appropriate user directory with public_html inserted in the right

I am not entirely satisfied with these, specially because I dont know if
will have some unwanted side effects
Do you have any suggestions on the best way to approach this or a link
relevant discussion/info?
I am posting this to some ASP.NET groups, but since they are windows
I dont think they will know what I am talking about :-)


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