[Mono-list] Status of unsafe code in Mono

Alan Tam Tam@SiuLung.com
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 00:40:45 +0800

I think the question is:
Would we really accept nothing except code that make things work more correct?

Would we try to accept code if someone proves to us that it also works as
correct as ours but is faster?


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> hello!
> > I am working on improving/rewriting Mono.Math.BigInteger, a class that
> > is essential for asymmetrical crypto. My main focus is speed. I have
> > found that using unsafe code can give a 20% - 50% speed boost in a
> > couple of functions.
> > I was wondering how well unsafe code is implemented in mono. Is it to
> > the point where production code can use it?
> It is well implemented, but if there was a bug, we would rapidly fix it
> ;-)
> Miguel
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