[Mono-list] System.Web.Mail + UUEncoding = true

Per Arneng pt99par@student.bth.se
Sun, 9 Mar 2003 16:51:22 +0100


Added UUEncoding to System.Web.Mail for attachment encoding. So now both =
the encoding techniques work for attachments UUEncode, Base64. Soon the m=
api is totally complete since there is only some minor parts left to fix.=

Here are some issues in MS.NET System.Web.Mail. i would like
to have some comments here on how the mono System.Web.Mail
should handled these issues:

* SmtpMail.Send throws HttpExceptions (why?)

* Bcc is completely ignored

* As soon as you add an attachment with UUEncode explicitly, all the othe=
attachments will be encoded with UUEncode regardless of what you have=20
specified :)=20

* Text file attachments are allways encoded using Quoted printable regard=
of what you have specified explicitly.

* Filename for attachments must be absolute. if they are not you get:
=09HttpException( "Unknown protocol" );

Best regards=20
=09Per Arneng