[Mono-list] Porting an application to Mono on Linux

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
07 Mar 2003 16:33:22 -0500


> 1) Must I recompile the .NET source on my Linux box under Mono?  I have
> moved a couple of trivial exes compiled on Microsoft .NET with no
> trouble.  Was I just lucky?

You do not need to do that, but compiling on Linux will let the compiler
flag the classes or methods that are missing.

> 2) I am curious to find out what is and is not supposed to work in the
> system.xml namespace.  Is there a way to do this short of downloading
> and studying the source?  I looked at the system.xml page and can see
> that there are todo items in the areas I am interested in; I just wonder
> what those todos are.

You can look at the regression test suite to get an idea.

> 3) I am getting the following error:
> WARNING **:Could not load class from token 0x01000022 in
> /home/tom/netTest/oai.utility.dll
> WARNING **:Missing method Validate in assembly
> /home/tom/netTest/oai.utility.dll typeref index 33

Make sure that the library is either on your current directory or in the