[Mono-list] COM / DCOM in Mono

Eran Sandler Eran.Sandler@smarteam.com
Thu, 6 Mar 2003 09:55:36 +0200

It may solve the problem for talking with COM object in Linux, but you =
can do the same by using Microsoft SOAP Toolkit and treat these COM =
objects as a Web Service.

What I'm trying to do is to make an ASP.NET application that does =
reference certain COM objects for legacy reasons (the transition from =
ASP to ASP.NET) and needs to run on top of Linux.=20

For that I need to simply write a DCOM client and write a compatible Com =
Callable Wrapper (CCW) that will make all COM calls DCOM.

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I don't now if I understand correctely the ideia, but mono Remoting from =
a Linux box to a Windows box and importing the  COM component in the =
Windows box wouldn't do what you want?


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I don't want to emulate COM and/or make Linux apps talk suing DCE-RPC to =

My main intention in here is to simply allow ASP.NET programs that =
access COM objects to run on Linux under Apache2, Mod_Mono and Mono. =
That's it.

Instead of emulating the environment I simply delegate it to the Windows =


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 > Well, I'm currently investigating how implement DCOM on other =
systems. I  > know it WAS implemented for UN*X and Linux by 3rd party =
companies but  > they didn't release the code.

Be aware that Greg Turner is working on a DCOM implementation for Wine. =
He has some initial tests running (not just DCOM but binary=20
compatible to Windows).

One of the problems he identified was the fact that a number of Linux =
programs provide DCE-RPC services on Linux: Samba (as the oldes and most =
advanced program), DCE-RPC itself and DCOM. This mess would=20
require some kind of DCE-RPC "portmapper" to sort out.


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