[Mono-list] ASP.NET, mod_mono, Apache

fd fd0h1440@yahoo.co.uk
05 Mar 2003 18:37:06 +0000

On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 02:46, David A. Cornelson wrote:
> -         Is it possible to make the ASP.NET/Apache installation very
> fool proof? I have found some typically rough install guides, but they
> only mention Apache 2. I still run Apache 1.3 because I have many
> users on my linux server and theyĒve lobbied against Apache 2. So my
> request would be that mod_mono have very clear, foolproof instructions
> or packages that work with the latest official releases of Apache
> (1.3.27 and 2). The idea is that someone like me (a business type
> developer with some knowledge of DEBĒs and RPMĒs) could execute an
> install and have a sample website running automatically. Samples for
> web forms in this installation would be extraordinarily helpful. I
> have played with the Mono testing web server, but I think mod_mono is
> really the killer app that needs to be pushed for people like myself.
> Maybe there should be an automatically installed test website under
> Apache that runs as localhost/monotest or something. I could help in
> this are if you think itĒs a good idea.

The libapache2-mod-mono package for Debian is being tested right now.
When released, it'll be part of the Mono for Debian archive at
http://www.debianplanet.org/mono/. A lot of feedback has been taken to
make this work with the minimum of hassle, as we're aiming to make
Debian the easiest platform to use for .NET developers and users coming
from a Windows background.

It'll be possible to install a complete ASP.NET hosting environment on a
freshly installed Debian system with one command. apt-get install
libapache2-mod-mono will pull any necessary dependencies including
Apache 2 and the Mono JIT, and insert the necessary configuration file

There are still a couple of issues that make mod_mono difficult to use
in a real-world environment. Obviously it'd be sensible not to push
mod_mono to the masses until these issues are addressed.

There is also an RPM available on the mod_mono site, but I gather it
needs a certain amount of tweaking to get working.