[Mono-list] effect of -nostdlib option

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
04 Mar 2003 00:46:44 -0500


> unless something fundamental in the runtime has change recently, i don't
> think it's so easy a fix. the problem being that you cannot reflect on a
> corlib other than the one being used for execution. a while ago i
> suggested adding support for Assembly.Load()ing multiple corlibs, but it
> got turned down becuse it's too hard given the current type architecture
> in the runtime. apparently.

It is very possible that the runtime imposes some extra constraints that
I can not remember at this point.  The compiler can definitely be hacked
into accepting types from a different assembly, but whether the runtimes
(.NET and Mono) can cope with that is in fact a separate problem.

Thanks for reminding us of this Piers, I had forgotten that discussion.

(btw, since you are reading the list: CVS MCS requires an install of the
compiler before it will compile the corlib classes.  Today Lluis found a
bug in mcs when he commited his new remoting work).