[Mono-list] IL Assembler

Michael Erdmann michael.erdmann@snafu.de
Mon, 03 Mar 2003 21:07:52 +0100

Jackson Harper wrote:

>	I have not been able to work on the ILasm frontend much this last week,
>I am currently trying to finish Mono.PEToolkit so we will have a better
>backend for ILasm (and mcs, mbas, ...).
>	Interesting idea about a testing framework. Have you looked at Nunit? I
>have a tests directory under ilasm but that might be an appropriate spot
>for your testing application. I could setup a test_framework or
>something directory if neccasary.
Is it possible, that the exitcode of mono depends on the assembler 
result, which means if the assmbler
has generated code.  For example:

    0 - success
    1 - File not found
    2 -  Syntax error

This would allow me to derive  the verdict of a test based on the 
assembler return