[Mono-list] Mercury on Mono (not successful) (now running in the labs:-)

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Sat, 1 Mar 2003 12:02:50 +0100

On 02/28/03 Fergus Henderson wrote:
> > Is there a windows developer here? I someone can provide the code
> > that returns the path to the GAC, I'll add it to the default search path
> > when running in windows.
> On my system it is in C:\WINNT\assembly\GAC, with each assembly under
> C:\WINNT\assembly\GAC\<namespace>\<version>__<publickeytoken>.

Well, I meant programmatically:-)
Maybe a better way to say it is: if a windows developer writes and tests
the 10 lines of code needed to make mono access the assemblies in the
MS GAC, I'll apply the patch;-)

> > There are still two issues:
> > 1) in the files you provided a type is referenced, but I could not find
> > it defined in any module:
> > 	 [mercury]mercury.private_builtin.ref_1
> > I guess a file is missing from the tarball.
> No, that type is indeed referenced but not defined.  This is a currently
> not-yet-implemented part of the Mercury standard library.  I hadn't noticed
> that until now, because it works in Microsoft.NET.  It works because
> that type is never actually used at run-time.  Not sure what the ECMA
> standard says about this, but in any case I can fix our source to
> define that type.

Yes, please. We probably initialize too many types for some reason.
That type is referenced in a field in the generic_ref_2
class in store.dll, for example. I haven't traced why that class is
loaded and if it really needs to be loaded, I added a hack in my tree
to ignore the error if the class of the field is not found.

> > 2) references to nested types are encoded with (for example):
> > 	namespace = mercury.list
> > 	name = list_1/[|]_2
> > I always thought that was not allowed and that you should use a typeref
> > to the parent with:
> > 	namespace = mercury.list
> > 	name = list_1
> > and a typeref to the typeref with:
> > 	namespace = 
> > 	name = [|]_2
> Well, we just spit out IL assembler and let ilasm.exe handle it.
> We generate the name 'mercury'.'list'.'list_1'/'[|]_2', which I
> believe is correct according to the ECMA spec.
> > I guess we'll have to handle also this special case.
> That would be good.

I added handling for that special case in my tree. After a bunch of
warnings about the missing type I get:
lupus@luna:/tmp/mercury/mercury_dotnet_hello$ mono hello.exe 
Hello, world

So, that's a good start, though I don't know how much real mercury code
the test uses to run. If you have more tests, I can try and see if they
run.  I'll clean up my changes and commit them to cvs later so that
other people can enjoy yet another language running in mono. 



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