[Mono-list] regarding mono project

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
28 Jun 2003 23:14:09 -0400


> we read about your mono project.
> we were awed by your commitment and we are eager to be a part of the
> happening revolution.
> we are at total loss about what to do
> we'd like to enrol and take up a module.
> please guide us our way through

Thanks for contacting the team about helping.

There are plenty of areas to help with, for example, we are in deep need
of two very important pieces of functionality:

	* Regression tests for all of our test suites. See the Mono 0.25
	  announcement for a list of the existing tests, and you will
	  see where we are lacking:


	* You can help with the API documentation effort: we are trying 
	  to document both the Gtk# API (by using existing Gtk docs) and
	  the .NET API.

They might seem boring initially, but they both allow you to *learn* a
lot about the API, and see what is missing, and what could be improved. 
Plenty of existing Mono developers started that way.