[Mono-list] remoting mono with MS' CLR?

Lluis Sanchez lluis@ideary.com
Thu, 26 Jun 2003 19:39:16 +0200


> Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any experience using remoting through a
> TCP connection between Mono and Microsoft's implementation of the CLR?  I
> have a sample program that works on mono when remoting to the local host
> well as when remoting between two windows machines, but between linux and
> windows it crashes, regardless of which is the server or client.  This is
> without using cygwin, which I can't use for this for various reasons.  Is
> this supposed to be working at this point in Mono's development?  I just
> want to know if the error is on my end or should I try to find another
> to try with this project.
> Much thanks in advance for any help on this.
> -Joe

The TcpChannel and the BinaryFormatter is (or should be) compatible with
MS.NET. However, some classes from the library may have a different binary
representation, because they may have a different internal data structure,
so for example you won't be able to exchange a Hastable object between Mono
and MS.NET. It should not be a problem if you are using primitive types,
arrays or your own classes. In any case, could you post a test case?

- Lluis.

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