[Mono-list] Freebsd Mono and GTK-Sharp

Marco Canini marco.canini@fastwebnet.it
26 Jun 2003 10:25:50 +0200

On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 10:10, Paul Paximadis wrote:
> I am trying to get mono running on Freebsd( 5.1 ).
> I installed mono from the ports( /usr/ports/lang/mono ) - that worked
> fine.
> I then tried to compile the mcs package( 0.24 ) and that would not
> compile - did a make -f makefile.gnu in root directory.
> Is there maybe a port for mcs package or anything special that must be
> done for Freebsd.
Is freebsd mono port doesn't do it automatically you have to install a
mono-charge package in order to be able to compile mcs for your self.
you can take mono-charge from here:

> I also tried to install the port of GTK-Sharp and it said it was out of
> date( version 7_1 ).
> Is there a later port for Gtk-sharp ?
i think you need the cvs version for this, but i'm not sure
> Thanks,
> paul
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