[Mono-list] Build error

Thomas P. Schrantz schrant@cc.wwu.edu
Wed, 25 Jun 2003 22:01:04 -0700

I've seen that on both RH8 and 9, going back probably as far as .22 or .21,
when I first installed Mono, but definitely in .23 and .24.  I don't know
what's causing it or if this fix will break anything, but it seems to have
worked for me (I'm going on memory of doing this about a month and a half
ago, so it's probably fuzzy...):

Run ./configure, but don't make just yet.  Open up the configure.h (Or was
it config.h...?) and find #define MONO_SIZEOF_SUNPATH line.  It's setting it
to 0, which is bad.  I think the correct size was 108, but I would
definitely look in your standard socket library header files for something
that looks like the socket path size (It was an array declaration,
somewhere.).  Change that #define in the configuration header to whatever
that number turns out to be, save the file, then you should be able to do a
make from there.