[Mono-list] Autoconnect and Glade

Pablo Fischer exilion@yifan.net
Wed, 25 Jun 2003 17:07:10 +0000


A few months ago I update my version of mono (apt-get install mono, from the 
site located in debianplanet.com), now that I have time again to continue 
working in a project I get and error running a file that loads a Glade file 
(the GUI), the error looks like this:

[unmada@pablo Yaka]$ mono yaka.exe

** ERROR **: Invalid IL code at IL0019 in 00 .SignalConnector:Autoconnect (): 
IL_0019: ldsfld    0x0a00000a


I tried to comment the line of Autoconnect from my .cs file and it works, but 
I cant get the events of the buttons :(, just the GUI.


Pablo Fischer
Pablo Fischer <exilion@yifan.net>