[Mono-list] Installing the daily snapshots

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier gonzalo@ximian.com
25 Jun 2003 19:53:31 +0200

El mi? 25-06-2003 a las 18:32, Ariel Rios escribió:
> Is there a special process to isntall the daily snapshots?
> First I compile mono. It compiles correctly and then I Install it.
> Then I go for mcs but I always get:
> Your mono runtime and corlib are out of sync.
> Corlib is: ../../class/lib/corlib.dllWhen you update one from cvs you
> need to update, compile and install
> the other too.
> etc
> Do I need to delete mono-0.24?


You should read mcs/README.building to figure out how to do it.

When updating from sources without using a monocharge tarball, the steps
should be something like:

      * cd mcs/class/corlib && make -f makefile.gnu
      * cd mono && make install
      * cd mcs/class/corlib && make -f makefile.gnu install prefix=PREF
      * cd mcs && make -f makefile.gnu install prefix=PREF

These steps are valid when keeping stuff up to date from either CVS or
source tarballs.