[Mono-list] Support for MTS

Bill Mattox billy-m@pacbell.net
Sun, 22 Jun 2003 08:45:40 -0700

Outstanding. This, I think, will be key for mono's ultimate success. And
it will be nice to have an alternative to J2EE and COM+.

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Hi Bill,

Look here
for more info.

- LLuis
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> From: Bill Mattox
> > I am wondering if there is any kind of ability for Mono to use MTS
> kind of transaction server?
> We are working on developing our own appserver infraestructure with
> support for local transactions and all the support we can gather
> documentation to build to use distributed transactions. But we are
just in
> the planning phase...
> Support specific for MTS is not planned as it depends on a resource
> not available in other plataforms. But nothing holds you from
> applications in Mono, that run inside MTS when run on windows using
the MS
> runtime, but I would just advise you against it for portability
reasons .
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