[Mono-list] Another newbie question: how will things like versioning and GAC be supported?

Rafael Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr@hotmail.com
Sat, 21 Jun 2003 17:36:26 -0300

From: Bill Mattox

> I'm guessing that versioning and security issues such as strong names,
GAC, etc. are not part of the ecma specification.

Indirectly wrong: Yeah, ECMA may not specifiy versioning and security (but I
think they do), but surely GAC seems out of its scope. But Mono isn't bound
to implement only what is in ECMA's spec, but almost everything we feel are
valuable functionality in MS implementation. So these things will come to

>I'm wondering what the best practices methodologies for handling this
aspect on - say - Linux might be. Is there any discussion or literature
available on this topic?

I don't know about literature, but you can find what we already discussed
about it, looking at this list archives.

>From the top of my memory, evidence-based security wasn't discussed, GAC is
just currently not a priority, and strong names may or may not be an issue
for open-source projects but we are working on it. Working with "Copy
Install" is another undecided issue as in Linux we are used to put
executable files in .../bin, configuration files in .../etc/... and so on,
and "copy install" tends to put all the files and dependencies in a single

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