[Mono-list] The prove that they can all live together

Kevin Williams zak@supernova.org
Mon, 16 Jun 2003 18:06:17 -0500

>     All the browsers (except NN4.x and lower) cause the 
> event 'onsubmit' to occur on pressing the 'enter' key, 
> but unless you actually click the submit button, the 
> 'onclick' event never occurs, and which is the way it is
> supposed to function.

  All of my ASP.NET pages derive from a common base class.  This base
class has a "default button" property.  I then have a custom web control
called DefaultButton.  When I place a DefaultButton on a page, the
DefaultButton's PreRender event sets the Page's "default button"
property to itself.  In the Page base class's Render event, I set an
'onsubmit' javascript for the form to "click()" the "default button".

  So long as pressing ENTER somewhere in the form causes the form's
'onsubmit' to fire, I know that my DefaultButton control will be

  At least, I THINK that's how I'm doing it - I'm not at work now, so I
can't actually look at the code for our site.  But I'm pretty sure we've
solved the problem like that or something close to that...