[Mono-list] dll compiled under linux/mono won't work under win/.net

Jörg Würzer joerg.wuerzer@ixos.de
Mon, 16 Jun 2003 13:54:27 +0200

hello again,

system: redhat 8, mono 0.24-2 (binary rpm install)

i've got another problem. i've got an assembly which was compiled unter
win/.net. i'm able to copy that assembly to linux/mono and run any
application which references to that assembly - this works fine. 

the other direction doesn't work - which means that when i compile the same
class under linux/mono first the assembly has approximately half of the size
and when i copy it to win/.net and run a program that references to that
assembly, an "system.io.fileloadexception" occurs.

is there any solution / explanation out there

again a nice day, Joerg Wuerzer