[Mono-list] The prove that they can all live together

Stuart Ballard stuart.ballard@corp.fast.net
Fri, 13 Jun 2003 12:18:37 -0400

Akhilesh wrote:
> Hi Gaurav,
> 	By enter I am referring to the key on the keyboard, not a button
> on the HTML page. When you press the enter key while the focus is on the
> textbox, the page is re-loaded but no re-calculation is done.

Actually I've encountered this annoying behavior in ASP.NET in general, 
not just on Mono. It also appears to be browser-dependent. It appears 
that on a form with a single submit button, pressing 'enter' in a 
textbox will submit the form on all browsers. But there are 
discrepencies between browsers on whether the button's name and value 
get passed as part of the submission (as if the button had been pressed) 
or not (as if the submission happened without any button being pressed).

ASP.NET's button.Click events, then, don't pick up the submission if it 
happens in one of the latter kind of browsers.

I can't remember which browsers exhibit which behaviors, but I tend to 
feel that the latter kind are in the wrong. That doesn't change the need 
to accommodate them in practice, of course. And doing so in the general 
case is really hard - I believe we eventually managed it with a 
javascript hack that caught the "enter" keypress and called button.click().

If Mono's ASP.NET were to recognize this scenario and generate code to 
handle it automatically, that would be a (minor, but) cool benefit to 
offer over MS's implementation.


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